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  1. Rules:
    Since the GPL era of 'gentlemen racers' represents fairness and mutual respect.
    No one should forget that we only go for fun.
    Guest driver are always welcome.
  2. Mode:
    The races are in mode "long-rounder" / "Intermediate long" (unless otherwise agreed). The qualifying session takes 1 hour, the actual race about 50-60 minutes.
  3. Penalties (only races, not for training's):
    As with other online leagues, there is one important rule:
    Should be used during the race, "Shift-R" (reset on the track), must be made to the next available opportunity a short stop and go in the box. The vehicle must come to a complete stop. The place to stop is arbitrary in the pit lane. The vehicle may be repaired only one time during a race with Shift R or be brought back on track.
    Who reset his car more often, for this race will not be counted.
    The mature pit stop is not made directly in the next round, the driver gets 15 seconds added to his time. If absolutely no pit stop, this is punishable with 30 second penalty.
    In training, no pit stop is necessary, "Shift-R" permits.
  4. Chassis allocation:
    There's no assign.
    Fast drivers are asking for fair play.
    This should slow, heavy or difficult vehicles are chosen.
  5. Scoring:
    Points are awarded regardless of the number of participants as in the former F1:
    • points for placement
    1. 10 pts
    2. 8 pts
    3. 6 pts
    4. 5 Pts
    5. 4 pts
    6. 3 Pts
    7. 2 pts
    8. 1 point
    • in addition:
    1. 1 point for pole postition
    2. 2 pts for the finish
  6. Real name:
    It is common for us to use the correct real name as the driver name.
  7. Other:
    Driving is on Wednesday.
    Beginning of each 20 clock qualification (UTC +1 Central European Time (CET) and UTC +2 of the Central European Summer Time (BST)
    The race starts at 21:00.
    We will meet briefly in the clock was 20 IGOR Chat Room "FunLiga" which are newly created in the first IGOR must use.
    The password for the race is known to the members and guest riders will be announced in the chat room.
    If necessary. Changes / Special agreements applicable to the forum
  8. Table:
    At the end of the season, the worst result of each participant will be deleted. All other results are added. The match result is fifth from the Race added to the table.

While there is a ranking list, but the access is possible at any time and the ranking is not the main motivation of the driver, but the fun of racing together for no particular pressure.

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